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Musical (noun): a stage, television or film production utilizing popular style songs- dialogue optional- to either tell a story (book musicals) or showcase the talents of the writers and/ or performers (reviews).

Destiny LIVE

Musicals have gone by many names: comic operas, operettas, opera, burlesque, extravaganzas, musicals comedy, etc. Revues have their roots in variety, vaudeville, music halls and Cabaret.  The Destiny Muhammad Project' is an experience that incorporates the above in a form called JAZZ....

  •  Brains- intelligence and style
  •  Heart- genuine and believable emotion
  •  Courage- the guts to do something creative and exciting.

(And you thought the Wizard of Oz was just a children's flick?) Of course, quality is no guarantee of commercial success, however, musicals with these qualities are more likely to stand the test of time.

  'The Destiny Muhammad Project 2012'

Destiny Muhammad Project 2012

Your Sponsorship will build interest in Harpist from the Hood Concerts & Productions, and will add to the gross potential of your product sales. 

We also offer Partnership opportunities for you to be affiliated with our brand.

Special Events:

Drum up publicity with staged public events in which your brand will be seen as connected with our brand.

*Partnership Placement at this time:


Benefits include:

  1. Exclusive Rights: No other sponsor will be attached to the underwritten production.
  2. Underwriter's Logo linked to individual production on all ads, posters, programs, and brochures marketing the show, including on banner on venue.
  3. Acknowledged in all press releases and interviews
  4. Recognized in lobby speeches for that production.
  5. Recognized on website, including a reciprocal link.
  6. Recognized in annual fundraising letter for Destiny's Annual Concert. 
  •  Underwriter (8,000 +)
  1. Invitation to attend a rehearsal, meet the stars and have photo taken.
    Underwriter's employees receive 10% discount on individual ticket purchases.
  2. Receives eight (8) complimentary tickets.
  3. Complimentary full page ad or Donor Profile in PLAYBILL

Benefits Include:

  1. Sponsor Logo specifically linked to individual production on all ads, posters, programs, and brochures marketing the show, including on banner on venue.
  2. Acknowledgment in curtain speeches.
  3. Recognized on website, including reciprocal link
  4. Recognized in all production- specific email blast
  5. Receives six (6) complimentary season tickets.
  6. Receives complimentary full page ad in PLAYBILL
  7. Receives listing on inside front of PLAYBILL
  • PRODUCER ($2000)

Benefits Include:

  1. Recognition on website, including reciprocal link.
  2. Four (4) complimentary tickets.
  3. Complimentary half page ad in PLAYBILL
  4. Listing on onside front of PLAYBILL
  • STAR ($500)

Benefits Include:

  1. Four (4) single performance tickets
  2. Complimentary sixth (6th) page ad in PLAYBILL
  3. Listing on inside of PLAYBILL

Benefits Include:

  1. Choice of final dress rehearsal of Destiny's productions, and host up to 180 of your patrons, clients, and friends.
  2. Tickets to that evenings performance for up to 180 of your patrons, clients, and friends
  3. Complimentary full page ad in PLAYBILL
  • Investment Opportunities:
  1. Endorsements
  2. Licensing
  • Current Endorsement History:

*Triplett Harps 2005 to present


*Highlander Pickups 2005 to present

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